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Devon Retreat 2023


Sold Out


4 Days

About the RETREAT

Hi everyone!

I am really excited to announce our very first retreat happening this September!

As it is the first ever retreat we want to offer a big discount for those who wish to join.

This means that we would love to use this as an experience to know what worked well and what can be improved on so your feedback at the end of it will help us provide an even more amazing experience for future retreats.

It will run from Monday 11th September to Thursday 14th September making it a 3 night and 4 day stay

We will be in complete quiet bliss in the middle of Devon at The Northlake Chapel which has surrounding forests, nature walks and rivers to explore as well as amazing facilities inside the converted chapel.

Our aim in this retreat is to bring people together to connect, eat healthy and nutritious plant based foods, have down time, a phone detox, enjoy one evening with a private chef cooking for us (included in the price) as well as take part in the classes that Bryony will run each day.

The classes on offer are flexibility, handstands and inversions training plus creative movement training and AcroYoga (my personal favourite!)

This is aimed for all abilities and levels whether you are experienced or looking to start your journey in becoming more in touch with training just with your body.

Bryony will help to spot you, give you better detailed feedback and you will take away new skills and knowledge for your own personal use.

If you are interested and would like to attend please email Bryony at to confirm your space.

There are limited spaces to 10 people, all genders welcome, all fitness and flexibility levels welcome....we will accommodate to every body!

There is one private room available if anyone would prefer not to share, if you'd like this please ask for details on that.

Please feel free to ask any questions regarding this retreat.

Thank you,


Your Instructor

Bryony Miles

Bryony Miles

Hi I'm Bryony a Level 3 REPS Certified Personal Trainer

I specialise in teaching Calisthenics, a bodyweight only practice which helps create a more functionally fit body that has not only helped me transform my body to being stronger, more mobile and able to do things I never thought possible while creating a very healthy emotional relationship with my mind and body.

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